Muradiye mosque and complex in Manisa, the city of Princes, Turkey

Flashback, two month ago i was in Manisa city, Manisa Province, Turkey with my husband. Manisa situated on the north side of Izmir-Istanbul road and between Spil Mountain and Gediz River, is 36 km away from Izmir and stands as one oft he important cities of Aegean Region. We can go directly by flight to Manisa from Austria every week, in Saturday, but that time we did two time flight, first to Istanbul Sabiha Göcken International airport then to Izmir Adnan Menderes airport. My husband said we need fast came to Turkey, because he didn’t wanna wait so long until Saturday. It’s ok, for me it’s nice, because i wanna see Istanbul too, the famous city of Turkey😊

As an Indonesian that living in Austria, i didn’t need go to embassy bought visa, my husband did it via online. It’s so easy n fast, just 5 minutes😊 Really big different when i made visa to visite Austria, like Bombay crying waited it for months 😉

We went to many beautiful places in Manisa, one of ths is Muradiye Mosque and complex. Muradiye Mosque, a sample of classical Ottoman architecture, was built as a complex for honour of Sultan III Murat. It was based on the design of Mimar Sinan. The tiles, drawings, stained glasses and marble pulpit of the mosque, which is made of hewn stone and includes two minarettes are among the best examples of Ottoman decoration. The complex located in Sultanönü area of Manisa consists of public kitchen, a madrassah and a ruined primary school. Today, the madrassah and kitchen are used as Manisa Museum.

I was here with my lovely husband and did shalat. There is a room for women do shalat, separated from men room. As usual like in every Indonesian mosque has mukena, clothes for shalat, but it’s not the same for Turkey. Even women here really suprise see my mukena. It’s amazing, they said 😊So, i didn’t find mukena in ths mosque. But ths place provide what we need for shalat like hijab, sweater, jacket, long skirt and all so covered. It’s ok. It’s nice too, MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah

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